Clear lens extraction & the phakic intraocular lens
Clear Lens Extraction - Park Avenue Laser Vision - Eye Institute - Dr. Robert Ditkoff-New York Astoria

Clear lens extraction
Clear lens extraction is a refractive procedure in which a cataract-free natural lens is removed. The procedure generally involves replacement of the lens with a synthetic intraocular lens implant (IOL). Dr. Ditkoff may recommend clear lens extraction to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness when other refractive procedures are not advisable or could give a poor result.

Recently, multifocal IOLs and accommodating IOLs have become available for the intraocular correction of presybyopia and hyperopia. The Array™ IOL uses multiple concentric rings of varying optical power to extend the range of uncorrected vision. The Crystalens™ accommodating lens uses the eye’s ciliary muscle to automatically move forward and backward with the ciliary muscle to help patients with presbyopia focus naturally at all distances.

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Phakic intraocular lens
The Verisyse™ lens is implanted in front of the iris as an alternative refractive treatment method for myopia and hyperopia. The Artisan™ IOL, a foldable lens designed for eyes that retain their natural lenses, requires only a very small incision. Implantable contact lenses may be appropriate if your vision cannot be corrected with laser treatment. Unlike surgery that removes the lens, with a phakic intraocular lens the patient retains near and far vision.